Revisiting the WIP

Revisiting the WIP

Update as of August 2020: This was originally posted on my now defunct tumblr blog. I am consolidating all of my old posts for posterity and updating the posts as I see fit for the new layout and style of this space.

You may view the original post here.

As part of welcoming this year, I promised to finish all my works-in-progress (WIP). Before I can actually successfully finish this, I needed to list down all the projects I started and figure out why I dropped them in the first place. Hopefully this process of identifying pain points will help me to finish them, finally.

So, this is it. The moment of truth.

  1. Cropped Cardigan for 2013 - Ravelry entry

    Well, well. This project has been sitting in the WIP bin for 2 years! I was so eager to finish this when I started this, way way back. I even posted about it here. I dropped this because I’m so lazy to sew the seams. I hate sewing! (No, I actually love sewing, wait, what?) Oh well.

    I got to myself to block it last year. This year, I’m going to sew it. I promise.

    VERDICT: Finish it.

  2. Medano Beach - Ravelry entry

    Oh look, another project that I picked up last year! I remember finishing the stripes and now I am on the handles. Gosh, I need this for my upcoming trip to Boracay!

    VERDICT: Finish it. Fast!

  3. Lace Motif Vest - Ravelry entry

    I can’t find this. I guess, I can’t finish it if I can’t find it. Yey, free pass!

    VERDICT: Do not attempt to EVER make a project with 60+ motifs. I HATE MOTIFS.

  4. Summer Dress -Ravelry entry

    When I saw the pattern for this, I fell in love instantly. That’s why I started it. But the pattern asks for a thick yarn and I know that using a thick yarn will end up making up thick clothing. I originally planned to bring this to the beach with me, but it will just be too hot!

    VERDICT: FROG it and make another dress using another pattern!

  5. Adventure Time Finn Hat - Ravelry entry

    Okay, this is an easy project. But I dropped it because I started working. And now that I’m on a 2 month sabbatical, I think I should finish this. I made this for my brother’s birthday, maybe I can finish this in time for his birthday. This year.

    VERDICT: Finish it.

  6. The Grey Tunic Dress - Ravelry entry

    I actually love this tunic. Unfortunately, when I fitted the top I was able to finish, it won’t come down anymore. I gained a healthier amount of weight since the year and a half that I started this.

    VERDICT: Remake this dress. I need this dress.

  7. Pineapple Dollman Top - Ravelry entry

    Another pretty pattern using thick yarn ending up with thick clothing. I’m using this yarn for a bag instead.

    VERDICT: Frog.

  8. Pineapple Halter (Ravelry entry) ** French-sleeve Vest** (Ravelry entry) ** Square Bag** (Ravelry entry)

    I ran out of yarn for all these projects. No more red yarn for the halter (I used them on my wedding bouquet) and I sold all my abaca yarns for the Square bag. The French-sleeve Vest is too thick. Again.

    VERDICT: Frog the French-sleeve Vest and use yarn on another project. A clutch, maybe?

Whew, that’s a lot of projects. I’m not ending this post with “hope I’ll finish them soon” instead I’ll end it with “I’ll finish those this year!”.

Happy crafting!

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